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About Logi "The Photographer"

The Photographer Hi Friends, It is me Logeesan. You can call me Logi. My passion on photography have started at the age of 14 as my hobby. It was all started with my dad's gift, Canon T70 1986 Olympic model. I had stopped pursuing on my hobby for last 15 years due to the war in Srilanka and other important priorities in my life. I have lost my valuable childhood photos and negatives when my home destroyed in the war. I started back my hobby with Canon 50D with studio lighting kits. My family look after my needs for modeling and finance.

Now I have moved to one level above with Canon 5D Mark II with some powerful Canon Tamron and Sigma Lenses. . Thanks you all for viewing my site www.TickClicks.com and please don't forget to share your valuable opinions about my work.


Logeesan K Pillai

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